Picture 1 in [Talk about discontinuous stories...]

Ok so this episode starts off with this.

Picture 2 in [Talk about discontinuous stories...]

... and then ends up with this? What the hell? So what happened to Sokabe anyway?

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Picture 1 in [Hatsukoi 7]

Oho. This was unexpected. For the class's top pervert and loser to be going out with the class beauty is one of those things which happen so often in real life that you'd wonder how anything of that sort happens. Hatsukoi Limited is really picking up on this.

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Picture 1 in [Hatsukoi Limited is]

Pretty damn cool! I must say that it sure is good for a romance comedy. Each of the episodes so far have been focusing on the development of each of the main characters. I guess this is all well and good for some tasty main course to come about!

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