Picture 1 in [Mnemosyne]

All this while we've been treated to lots of soft and fluffy light anime like Lucky Star and Clannad that have lots of cute large-eyed girls and very unrealistic plots full of light comedy and the usual storyline we all know and love. Once in a while however, some really heavy and dark stuff comes around and has carves a lasting impression on us. Such anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note have been notable for their clean, yet strong thrills and emotion. Mnemosyne moves up a step further, bringing to us some of the things our grandparents hate most about Hollywood movies: The sex and violence. Well, I must say this show is NOT for young kids, but I must also say, kudos Xebec, they have done it this time.

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written by astrobunny \\