Picture 1 in [The search for pr0n]

Kanbaru has my respect. Not only does she have the guts to pull out intestines and shit, she also goes into boys rooms looking for their secret items/loot.

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Picture 1 in [Today's Myth: You are what you eat]

Today, we shall find out if the myth that says "you are what you eat" is indeed true. Specifically, today we will determine whether or not eating awesome makes you awesome. Our mythbuster today is Kataoka Yuuki, and she will attempt to eat Tacos, and be able to utilize Taco power in her native east wind.

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Picture 1 in [Hayate 9 ('s Preview) is exciting!]

Hayate 9 is another one of those nonsense episodes which sometimes make you wonder why you even watch it. But its scenes like these that make all your wasted time watching silly things worth it. But! It seems we've been given quite a decent sneak preview of whats coming up next, which may or may not be as much a waste of time as this episode is:

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