Picture 1 in [Ayanami is Injured! Call the Doctor!]

A bandaged Ayanami has appeared! I wonder if I should rescue her and make her fall in love with me. そんなわけないだろう。(TL: there's no way that could happen). Of course, she would stay emotionless and distant and look at you with unfocused eyes. She seems to be sleeping soundly right now. I wonder if I should wake her up.

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Picture 1 in [Seto San Figma]

Today, after obtaining yet another 4 boxes, I was in a slight pinch. I wanted to blog about a figma tonight, but I didn't know what to. Thanks to Novajinx, NotokawaiiyoNoto, Jaser and Ineser, it seems a small impromptu vote on various channels I came up with had Seto winning 4-2 to the Witch Nagato figma. So, since Seto won, its her turn to get the welcome figma treatment.

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