Picture 1 in [Armageddon Christchurch 2010]

This year's Armaggeddon in Christchurch actually had a queue comparable to Auckland's! It was so long it took people half and hour to get from the back of the queue to the front. They need more counters!
Day 2 is here

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Picture 1 in [Pick the one that doesn't belong]

Yes. I'm ranting about artwork here. What do you think of the newly designed character? I think its just a load of sexual crap. The plugsuit looks like 2 hands touching her breasts and the suit breaks away from the more simplistically styled original plugsuits that Rei and Asuka wear, and has extra frills which shouldn't even be there. Not to mention the new character looks like she's from a totally different anime. I wonder if the movie is going to be polluted by this girl like a glaring ball of light that was pasted half-heartedly onto an otherwise legendary harmonic collage of emotion, action and evangelion.

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Picture 1 in [Worlds Collide: Nagato, the 7th Child]

After picking up my pencil, I simply cannot stop drawing. Here's to Nagato in a plugsuit, ready to pilot EVA-07. Discuss.

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Picture 1 in [Today's Loot]

If anyone of you works for the post office, do not let me catch you dropping boxes on their corners. I can assure you you will face the same fate as non-believers of Mio-sama. There will be a bon fire which you will be invited to, and your genitals will be crushed.

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