Picture 1 in [Sakurano Kurimu is growing on me]

Ken is right. There are some things better off not growing up. One of them is our beloved pink haired Aka-chan, slowly overtaking Mafuyu in my books as favorite character of Seitokai.

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Picture 1 in [Who is your favorite K-ON band member?]

Okay. The circle is complete. (and the old poll is getting old anyway) Time for all of you to pledge loyalties! The ultimate question of the universe must be answered: WHO IS THE MOST POPULAR K-ON BAND MEMBER? Is it Akiyama "moe moe kyun" Mio, Tanaka "Mio is Moe" Ritsu, Hirasawa "I am Senpai" Yui, Kotobuki "I luv Sawa-chan" Tsumugi or Nakano "IKEMASEN" Azusa? It is YOUR turn to decide. Vote for your favorite character, and the winning character will enjoy a nice tl;dr post of awesome and win of every form.

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