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Apparently, as the picture says, the guys are finally gonna get off their lazy ass and kick some serious fansub ass in April (lol). Well, talk about irony. The very people who made anime so wildly popular suddenly become blamed for the losses incurred by companies who never bothered to sell their content to those who wished to buy it. God I wonder what's going on with this world. Are they making anime so they can get money from filing suits against fansubbers?! No way in hell would the once-was-fledgling industry have become so lucrative without the massive free publicity brought in by these people. Even funnier, their argument of not making much from it holds no substance at all. If it wasn't lucrative, why would they be doing it anyway? And putting so much effort into doing it? The truth is out there, and has always been out there. Everyone knows how much money the industry is trying to squeeze from every last tsundere available to them, and even if people do things that are weird sometimes, face it, this world still runs on logic.

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On a lighter note, I have finally recovered from my internet withdrawal symptoms. Here's a big Thank You to all those who supported me in my darkest hours when broadband was unavailable. So, so long and thanks for the fish! Oh and look out for the new audoilet concept, the next big thing in the audiophile world.

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Of course, a few days ago a very delicious box was sitting outside my home, playing the guitar and singing "Where have all the flowers gone" while ignoring me as I walked down the driveway. This is how extensions to the e-penis always are. They hate you, then they become a part of you. Here's a toast to the newest member of my Panel on the Table. I'll be sure to write a blog post about that soon. Meanwhile, an acute wave of fatigue just swept past me, legacy of the insomnia that has been part of my life to fill in the void left by what was once the Internet. I must now slowly recover from it through my extended beauty sleep program, and 2 doses of widescreen CLANNAD and Shakugan no Shana Second. Will report my condition later. PIECE OUT

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