Picture 1 in [Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka x Macross Frontier and more]

Late to the party, I finally summoned up the courage to grab Akasaka 1 to 8 and then I came across this... Perhaps he is the great grandfather of the Captain we all know and love. (and Monica too of course)

My head blew off.

This post is mainly fanboying over the somewhat-abundant fanservice in Akasaka 8. More pics after the jump.

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Picture 1 in [Red Alert is in mah life eating my time]

I've been playing way too much red alert lately.


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Picture 1 in [Sneek peek on something I've been working on]

I've been doing a bit of practicing lately, by trying to draw stuff that's already been drawn by others. However, this picture has been around for ages, product of a sudden inspiration, and victim of sudden slackness. But now, I've finally taken the paper out back out of the dusty expanding file (yes. that's dust on my monitor. Spring cleaning is in order), scanned it, and re-lined it on the computer. Try guessing who the characters are. You can't call yourself a real anime fan if you don't know any of them.

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[flashvideo filename=http://www.astrobunny.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/moruze\_minori.flv /]

If anyone of you has watched Toradora 5, you'd take this video to heart. This video, splendidly composed using Yui Horie's best performance yet, captures the true spirit of Minori and her off-tune singing, with some parrot and Taiga yawn thrown into the mix. This piece of gold is truly a reminder of how precious a treasure trove the Internet is. Enjoy.


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Picture 1 in [Toradora: This week's WTF 2]

Toradora has been running quite high with randomness lately. This week we get to see some more wtf involving Taiga and Minori and Ami's diet. Here are a few screenshots of the weirdest scenes ever in Toradora.

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Picture 1 in [CLANNAD love]

KyoAni has a way of bringing comedy, drama and romance together in a nice little side story that is good enough to have a book of its own. This week and the last's are on a story about a long lost romance and a Fuuko-esqe presence that involved a cat and Misae. Yes, a cat. Ever wondered how Misae came to be like this?

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Picture 1 in [100,000 hit thank you post]

Thank you minna-san for visiting my blog! And for those of you who commented on my "articles" HONTOUNI ARIGATOU (meaning: Thank you very much, for those of you not so inclined). This blog has been going for a year and 9 months now, and there were times when I tried to start something (lucky star comics) but never really continued it, and sometimes, my post count just went down to 0 for a whole month, but I've never for once decided to forsake my blog! From now on a DAILY EPIC POST IS THE TARGET. YES, THE FORCE IS WITH THE BLOG, MAY THE BLOG CARRY ME IN ALL CHALLENGES! Okay, enough lame talk. Alright, since so many people have visited my blog, I'm sure everyone wants to know who else has come here too, and what they use, so let's look at some of the statistics collected since the dawn of my site.

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Picture 1 in [Scary Index]

This week's Index really scared me out of my pants. I can't believe the Church did this to someone so cute and loveable. Unbelievable. Now here's to hoping all those power hungry politicians in the enclave gets earmarked for eternity in hell.

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Picture 1 in [Toradora: This week's WTF]

Picture 2 in [Toradora: This week's WTF]

The arrival of part-time model Kawashima Ami in to the world of Toradora today has caused an anomalous response in our favorite Toradora girl this week. Possible causes are Ami's use of Ryuuji as a scapegoat and the disclosure of her real self to Aisaka Taiga. Minorin, hoping to root for Taiga also wishes to create powerful impressions in Ryuuji for the purpose of 'protecting the relationship of him and Taiga', and for the purposes of comforting Taiga, provides us today with some of these powerful impressions.

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