Picture 1 in [K-ON cosplay]

This week's K-ON features some awesome cosplay. I love cosplay. I once said that "cosplay should be taught in schools", and I mean it. If I was the principal of a school and I catch one of my school clubs doing cosplays, they are going to get a big nice hug and wad of club budget from me. Though, I will also make sure it will not lead to my getting arrested.

Picture 2 in [K-ON cosplay]

It seems Azunyan has already lost her cosplay virginity. She seems to be enjoying it now, even being one of the first to start cosplaying. Oh my. Azusa are you alright? But that's not the biggie. This episode sees a character rise out of the darkness to reign as supreme willing cosplayer.

Picture 3 in [K-ON cosplay]

+2 Win points for Mugi

Picture 4 in [K-ON cosplay]

+10 Win points for Mugi

Picture 5 in [K-ON cosplay]

+1000 Win points for Mugi. The director at KyoAni must really like me to give me such subtle hints. Tsumugi is officially 2nd place to Azusa in my books now because of this picture. This picture drove me completely nuts. I mean, you know why right? Or you probably wouldn't be here. Yes. If Mugi completes her transformation into a bunny in space, I have no qualms of marrying her. Sorry, Azu.

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