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Ok so I'm a little late on this. Well, more than a year late to be more precise. Admittedly I only found out about Fireball after I was buying a Drossel figma from Max Factory and was wondering where it came from so I could get some pose and comic ideas later on. As with everything Disney, this one's got some charm despite being a 2 minute episode series. If Disney decided they wanted to make inroads into moe-lovers in Japan, they certainly won me over with Drossel's twintails, since I'm a sucker for twintails.

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More than just being a robotic moe twintail flick however, this show also has another element that I favour very much: randomness. Yes I love randomness. I love how these two robots somehow just come up with the strangest and utterly out of this world things even when they live in a featureless hall in a massive mansion. I also laughed at the 'sensational' eye.

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Despite the incredibly tragic and dark background of the story, the robots seem to be completely oblivious to it and simply talk idly as if the war with the humans outside isn't happening, when it obviously is.

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More incredibly, because Drossel was given the attitude of a spoilt 14-year old, she doesn't seem to care very much for her dead father's legacy, and just seems to want to do all sorts of random stuff and call Gedachtnis all sorts of random names.

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The series is sometimes full of very Japanese jokes such as wordplays and puns, like misarranged words and misunderstandings caused by very close sounds. But, even so, we still get some American jokes like "who turned out the lights?"

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Of course, since they live in the mansion and have little contact with the outside world, save for the availability of a certain database inside the mansion, the robots sometimes get some things hilariously wrong, like Jack O' Lanterns are helmets for fighting and calling some obviously Capoeira moves Karate.

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They even have a monkey added to the fun in later episodes.

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Not to mention lots of funny things to do with the fourth wall. I love this one. I wish they made each series longer. Though I heard rumours of a second season. Does anyone have more on this?

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