Picture 1 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

Saten is so much love. The reason? Well I don't know. I guess its just because she's normal? Correct me if I'm wrong but for some reason she feels more real than any other character in Railgun.

Picture 2 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

On a side note, Small Moe Sensei makes a cameo this episode.

Picture 3 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

She's got black hair and dark eyes, so that's pretty normal. Her phone's a black flat candybar too, so that's pretty normal too. For some reason however, that stands out in my eyes.

Picture 4 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

Of course, I'm not the only one who admires Saten.

Picture 5 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

I love how she ignores everyone and just tries her best too. Its funny how its our failures and not our successes that push us forward.

Picture 6 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

And the Antiskill sensei also teaches us that our bodies lie to us and tell us to give up long before we've even warmed up yet.

Picture 7 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

So feeling tired is something everyone, even the fittest people experience.

Picture 8 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

Saten, usually the most talkative one, has also been unusually quiet today, staring into blank space and seeming to think very deeply about things.

Picture 9 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

I also love how she really reflects on what she's done, and is always open to what others are saying.

Picture 10 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

And because she's a Level 0 in a city full of espers, I can so relate to her being crushed by the immense pressure to succeed together with her peers in obtaining esper powers...

Picture 11 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

... and slowly, realizing that there are little things she can do now to work on that.

Picture 12 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

I wonder if its possible to write letters to her to tell her to keep trying her best.

Picture 13 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

She is my favorite character in Railgun, after all.

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