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Azusa lieks caek. I liek Azusa. I think I like her because she is the most accurate representation of my insecurities that I've noticed in a show. I'm constantly unhappy with myself, and with what I do and with things around me. Yet I end up going with the flow anyway, and then end up wondering what I should say to other people about it when they ask.

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When I look back, I've done the same thing one too many times when someone asks me "wow you have a lot of meetings, what do you actually do at those meetings?". Its the kind of dissatisfaction with yourself when you've enjoyed yourself so much you don't think you've achieved anything.

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...and then the person you're speaking to suddenly tells you they are all on track for the next big event, and its suddenly hard to tell anyone about anything you do.

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On a lighter note, I really like Azusa's Mustang.

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Its also really embarrassing when I see Azusa talk to herself, something I tend to do when I'm excited too. It shows me how silly it actually looks and how awkward situations become with it x_x.

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I get the feeling their window glass is slightly yellow tinted.

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I also hate it when I tend to do all those useless things that I enjoy but want to get rid of because it takes a toll on productivity. But it's just so much work.

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"Can I take it off?"

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And I especially hate myself for getting caught up with everything I do, even if that something was a sidetrack from what I intended to do all along.

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It gets especially silly when I realize that I've been tamed for a while and just realized it.

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But in the end, I always realize that I did what I could and enjoyed myself at the same time, which is what really matters, despite worrying about everything while it happened.

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That said, I'm a hopeless cake lover too.

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