Picture 1 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

Its that time of year again where I jump on a plane and fly to the city of sails where the New Zealand anime art even of the year is held. Here is Kagami sitting pretty in Tullamarine airport waiting for our air transport to carry us out of the down under.
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Picture 1 in [Happy Birthday Kagami and Tsukasa!]

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Picture 1 in [I swear that's Uiharu]

Or one of her ancestors.

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Picture 1 in [Nano goes to school]

I've never seen a girl so happy to go to school before. Its amazing how similar she looks to a person who got his first job. I'M FINALLY NORMAL!
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Picture 1 in [Melbourne Day 5]

My first time making Omurice before going out for sunset at the beach
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Picture 1 in [Melbourne Day 4]

Just strolled around today around Flinders Street station. This is a picture post
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