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Its that time of year again where I jump on a plane and fly to the city of sails where the New Zealand anime art even of the year is held. Here is Kagami sitting pretty in Tullamarine airport waiting for our air transport to carry us out of the down under. Picture 2 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

The plane had a screw loose in it so we ended up crashing into the event a little early. But we already saw some very awesome cosplays.

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And a genderbender. "double-u tee eff to that"

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But there didn't seem to be a lot of cosplayers this year, probably because they were hiding from me or they came to the event really late.

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The organizers of Doujin Overload seem to have played the events Eyezmaze right, since already at the 4th turn 2 booths levelled up into Game-Producing Booths! Earok's arcade turned out to be a nice little collection of simple but very amusing games.

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And this bunch created a nice little visual novel. I wonder when we will see an NZ version of 7th expansion...

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Also highly notable are the Mami and Homerun booth, which were selling some very kickass art.

Picture 8 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

And there was some very shoujo art going on over at Taiga's booth.

Picture 9 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

Also, IG productions has this awesome Miku selling awesome artbooks containing some very rave colors.

Picture 10 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

Shana, to our surprise is not only skilled in the art of swordplay, but also in the art of drawing, it seems.

Picture 11 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

There was also the staple corporate booth, where I found a nice cheap BD of a certain movie complete with deleted scenes to play on the PS3 at home.

Picture 12 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

A bit of good loot from the event. Overall it was fun for about the first hour of being there, but after that I just became preoccupied with finishing Earok's games at the booth, and then proceeded to also finish their other unpublished but very fun games.

Picture 13 in [Doujin Overload 2011]

After that, simply wandering aimlessly around the city turned out to be a lot more exciting.

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