Picture 1 in [Nanoha-ON!]

Because I feel like a lazy bastard tonight, I couldn't really be bothered about thinking of what I wanted to post, so I thought I'd make this quick. Here's a picture post for all you K-ON and Nanoha fans.

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Picture 1 in [Yagami Hayate figma]

After much delay, I have finally gotten in to do a Yagami Hayate figma review. This figma is one of the ones that I liked less, and I'll show you in a moment why that is. For those of you who don't know who Hayate is or related it to some boy who always dresses up like a trap at the whims of his master, this isn't it. This is Yagami Hayate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, not Aya**** Hayate. If you haven't watched StrikerS, you should, now go buy the DVDs.

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Picture 1 in [I woke up this morning and saw...]

なのは: フェイト、そこにポーズして

フェイト: ハ...

なのは: かわいいねえ

フェイト: うん。

なのは: 赤ちゃん作りましょう。

フェイト: え?

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Picture 1 in [Another Random Encounter]

So another box came in today and Haruhi and friends all came jumping down the side of the shelf to see who's the newcomer into the Grand Chamber. I told them to be patient and wait for me to slowly peel off this shipment document from the box, which came off surprisingly clean.

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Picture 1 in [Figmas]

I've recently acquired some figmas, a Haruhi, Nagato and Nanoha. All made by my favorite toy manufacturer, Max Factory. I learned lots of things about figmas and how they were made to be photogenic and not for being stared at while you're fapping under your trousers. More pictures after the jump. Was busy today so I didn't manage to give the figures a proper unpacking ceremony and welcome them properly into the family by giving them numerous photography shots worthy of a gravure idol. Will post more soon.

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