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When someone so cute appears and is devoted wholeheartedly to the church and God, one cannot fail to ask how they got to become who they are. Also, I didn't know that sisters were allowed to show their hair from under their veil. But that's besides the point. This human index must be pretty special to have been given a nice big cloth made out of the minimum material to build a church. Come to think of it, if it were the absolute minimum of a church, it should contain 2 human souls in it. This post is nothing but a mere tribute to the absolute cuteness of Index, her faces, and her epic canine tooth.

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The new ED for Toradora is awesome salt. Its been a while since Macross Frontier that a good OP/ED has come out. I must say that the things I enjoyed the most about this song is its bass music, the long pulled notes, and the ringing clicks just after the chorus starts. Horie Yui makes good work of this song IMO, and gives it a feel many other songs (including Seikan Hikou) lacks. This one actually sounds like she's enjoying a cup of vanilla salt, which, by the way is real.

Anyway, since this song is so awesome, the lyrics are after the jump, along with a video for you to sing along to.

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While most of us are introverts and hikikomoris that lock ourselves in the room all day and blogging hoping that complete strangers would take notice of us and eventually make our blog famous so that we may one day become Omni and have the awesomest blogging site of the century, it seems a group of prodigal anime bloggers have made an effort to bring to the society a little more awareness of the anime blogger community. I was pretty late at finding this because RL gets in the way sometimes, but for those of you who do not yet know about the NYAF Anime Blogging Panel by Hinano, JP Meyer and DS from Daijoubu, you can watch it here: http://animediet.net/conventions/nyaf-anime-blogger-panel-the-video

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A few days into the release of CLANNAD After Story ep 3, and people still keep going on about how cute Mei is in the episode. Well, I really wonder what took everyone so long to realize she is unnaturally cute and loveable. I for one have noticed this since Mei first arrived when Nagisa was trying to protect Tomoya from Youhei.

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Minorin is very quickly becoming my favorite girl in Toradora. Such a bubbly girl is hard to find these days. All of the girls that walk around are either emo-zombies or cynical brats who think that life in the world is hard and gossip and hate everyone around them. That, and being able to work so many part time jobs is nothing short of amazing. Hell, I wonder where she gets all that energy from. I can't even harness enough energy to blog every day! Pics after the jump.

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I lol'ed

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Lately, I've come across an anime with a very cheezy name called Birdy the Mighty Decode. Yeah it sounded like a very unusual name for an anime. More like a badly translated Spanish cartoon from the 80's with technicolor drawings and weird Nazi-styled villains. Though it wasn't really anything like that. Starting from when I watched the first episode, I realized that I was walking into something much greater...

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Picture 1 in [Furukawa Sanae]

This week's CLANNAD is once again, an outpouring of the very love and youthful springtime of the anime world! Well, not exactly youthful, but certainly full of love. Who would have ever thought one could fall in love with another's mom? Nagisa certainly is in a bad position when her mom is out dressing up and looking good in public.

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If there's one type of girl that has garnered an incredible amount of fandom in the anime audience nowadays, its the short, flat-chested tsundere girl. (Tsundere is an article on wikipedia, for those of you who want to know more) Somehow this type of girl has become so popular, it has become a must-have ingredient in the comedy anime genre that a significant number of anime have become runaway successes simply by exploiting the very antics of an insecure, short-tempered, egoistic girl with a childish voice, in short, tsundere. Of all the voice actors giving life to these girls, Kugimiya Rie is arguably one of the most famous seiyuu to ever play the part of these girls' souls. This is for all of you who still aren't seiyuu aware either because (1) you skip the OPs and EDs (2) you can't read Japanese, and just don't bother.

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After a whole month of non-blogging, it seemed almost completely appropriate for a brand new theme to be put on a site. One month of searching for myself and doing all the real things in real life really brought me back to the ground, and helped me find all the things I always wanted from an anime in real life. But I'm not here to talk about my life. I'm here to say that it is AUTUMN! (And about the theme, yes I have become an ARIA fan. <3 Akari.)

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