Picture 1 in [Loot from Tokyo]

I finally got around to unpacking my suitcase which was completely filled with my figures. Besides the 12 books of doujins I got from the upstairs of Toranoana, one of my favorite shops in Akihabara. I also peered up the many stairwells to find figures that I could not find on online sites that struck my fancy, and I came across quite a few.

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Picture 1 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

After much procrastination I have finally decided to open my Lt. Klan loliform statue from Macross Frontier. I've actually been eyeing this figure for a while. This figure actually comes from Alpha Omega, which is another break from my Max Factory/Good Smile streak. This is because they have been only been producing crappy statues and figmas lately. Not that figmas are a problem, crappy statues are though.

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Picture 1 in [Macross != Robotech Acknowledgement Post]

After a brief excursion and taking a break from blogging for a while, something happened on my blog that really caught my attention. Back in May this year, in my ignorance I wrote about how intrigued I felt about Macross Frontier after just watching 5 episodes, and started trying to draw links between Macross and Robotech. I was wrong, and some considered it heresy. A recent flood of comments on the post actually gave me a good laugh, and I'd love to let it go on, but since it has calmed down now, I'll write this post to clear up any lingering doubts about my enlightenment and calm some roaring fires caused by the post.

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Picture 1 in [Macross Frontier 18]

This week's Macross Frontier shows where Sheryl was before her life as a star. The flashbacks showed a very very pitiful beggar girl foraging the slums and waste dumps for sustenance. Her hair was messy and her clothes were rags. She had no life to speak of until Grace brought her in, only to use her as a tool to further her accomplices' plans.

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Picture 1 in [This is what one saves his money for...]

I'm a dead sucker when it comes to Macross Frontier stuff nowadays. This Moeloli-mode micronized Lt. Klan Klein is the paramount example of awesomeness. Now if I were to seriously expand my anime figure collection, this is definitely on the To Buy list.

Edit: The one below too.

Picture 2 in [This is what one saves his money for...]

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Picture 1 in [Nyan Nyan 17]

This week's Nyan Nyan is an all new episode of awesome moeloli tsundere explosions, big beautiful explosions of Reaction missiles and best of all, Ranka's REVENGE. This episode continues to show why Macross Frontier is just so fucking awesome.

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Picture 1 in [Macross 16]

This time we see Birler's new dream of uniting the galaxy's vast distances to ease travel. It's a great idea. But won't it become like... crowded? I mean, the galaxy is so big and wide, that's why all of us have so much fun exploring it. If it was all in one place, it would just become boring and stuff. I wonder about the fold faults. Maybe people truly are frustrated with the fact that they still can't cut through the galaxy as they liked. But then again there's that special foldpack that Michael and Ranka used... Maybe we are seeing Birler's plan come to life?

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Picture 1 in [What 'bout my star!?]

After watching Macross Frontier 15, I think that my suspicions that the Vajra attacks on Frontier is a conspiracy are confirmed. It seems there are perpetrators roaming the space between Frontier and Galaxy, and that the past distress communications, skirmish with the battleship from Galaxy, close encounters and the yellow-haired pretty boy were all pawns in a massive game of chess played by a bunch of wizards in Galaxy. It just begs the question... why? Why all the plans? Why all the effort to bring danger to Macross Frontier, the closest humans have come to towards the center of the Galaxy?

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Picture 1 in [Ranka won an Oscar]

Episode 10 continues to remind us why Macross Frontier is so awesome. In this episode, we see a Macross Zero movie in the making on one of Macross Frontier's ships. I start to wonder how ironic making a movie of your own universe is, but I guess the guys in the macross universe could call it "a true story". This episode is packed with Ranka vs Sheryl antics really pulls up the tension between the two, as well as bringing out Alto's acting past.
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Picture 1 in [Mihoshi High School]

Today's post is about Mihoshi High School! Yes, the school Alto-hime goes to, and now Ranka and Sheryl too! Alto is starting to become a harem boy. This would earn him the priviledges that come with the job, such as Nice Boat murder and consistent bashing on forums and harem boy hate groups. I think that's why Alto is so phobic about Sheryl and Ranka joining his school too. Its good that he knows whats good for him. Anyway, on to Mihoshi High School!

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